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We manage multi-lingual language projects.

N Translations is a boutique language service provider.

 We offer a wide range of translation services in a variety of industries – automobile, business, food, gaming, law, and many more. We are linguists and project managers, and we work personally with our clients and language specialists. That way we have a much better understanding of the needs of all involved parties which is reflected in the great quality we deliver. 


Translate a simple or technical document into another language. The new document closely matches the original.


Adapt your website, products and services for a new market, and meet the cultural expectations of your new audience.

Specialized Language Services

We manage your proofreading, editing, transcription, transcreation, subtitling, and many other projects.

N Translations

We combine individual and efficient project management, highly trained language experts, and the latest translation management technology to get your language projects done quickly and with the highest quality.

Experienced Project Managers

Your one-stop contact, the project manager listens to your needs and expectations, answers your questions, and finds the best solution for your project.

Project Management for Translation, Localization and Language Services
Translators and language experts, native speakers of the target language like German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Quebecois Canadian French and many others

Expert Translators

We only work with translators that are native speakers of the language you want to translate to, live in the culture of your target market, and intimately know the local customs and latest language trends.

Latest Technology

We work with the latest computer aided translation (CAT) tools which have integrated quality assurance features to ensure a high quality product.

Technology with included quality assurance features guarantees great quality for websites, texts and language products

our team completed projects for


Crazy Maple Studio






Stanford U


Vitamin de

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We make sure that you are happy with the final product, and we will work with you until the result meets all your expectations.

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